We want to make the things we love and believe in accessible to as many people as possible by delivering them directly to your door. And while we are working hard to curate a delicious and fun selection of things we love and hope you will too, there are plenty of great folks across the region offering really wonderful selections of natural wine, limited release beer, and speciality coffee. If you are leaving your home during this time we hope you'll support the businesses that make your neighborhood special first. Selections are always changing and everyone curates in their own way so if we don't have something you want, there's a chance your neighborhood shop will. 

This is by no means a complete list and we're sure there are countless wonderful places that could be included. You know your neighborhood so if you know of or run a shop that belongs on this list, email hello@plantsanimals.xyz with the subject line "Neighborhood shops list" and we'll take a look.