AmByth Estate

Validus 2015


AmByth is a hidden gem among the sea of producers in this region making over-manipulated and heavy reds. These are true expressions of natural winemaking-- low alcohol, lots of bright natural acidity, terracotta fermenters, little or no oak aging with spice and savory being in the foreground and fruit components bringing up the rear. Meet 'Validus,' which is Latin for strong, a blend of brawny Tempranillo and feathery Sangiovese. It meets the palette with plum and leather tobacco notes and follows up with a typical vibrant and almost balsamic-like Sangiovese finish. This blend was born of a drought in the vineyards-- so fewer than 10 cases were made.

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Type: Red
Vintage: 2015
Size: 750ml
ABV: 12.5%
Grape: About two-thirds Tempranillo, one-third Sangiovese
Region: Paso Robles, California
Vinification: Dry Farmed. Demeter certified Biodynamic and USDA certified Organic. Hand harvest. This extremely small lot of wine is the combination of years of drought on their dry-farmed vineyard. The vines produce small amounts of fruit but with amazing quality and concentration of juice. Co-fermented and skin macerated for 21 days before being pressed. Élevage for 25 months in a small 115-liter neutral oak barrel. Racked and bottled during descending moons with no additions. Zero SO2.

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