Azienda Agricola Flavia

Sicilia Grillo Ava


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Type: White
Size: 1 L
Grape: Grillo
Region: Sicily, Italy
Vinification: From the Prodcuer: Flavia Avà Grillo is produced from 10+ year old Grillo grapes growing in the historic Rallo family’s vineyards of Marsala inherited in 1860, located between Contrada Birgi and Paolini—-a stone's throw from the Riserva dello Stagnone and the historic salt pans of Marsala. The presence of the sea gives life to soils rich in minerals with high flavors, by contributing to the creation of a white wine with Sicilian perfumes, lively freshness and sublime elegance. Here too, native yeasts and bottling unfined and unfiltered help bring forth the truth of the local terroir.

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