Weissburgunder Trocken 2020


From our favorite German biodynamic duo comes another liter to love. This one is all Pinot Blanc and tastes like fresh-cut white peaches in a field of flowers. Oh yeah, and some beautiful mineral and crisp notes to finish it all up.

We love it with… 🍜 🐟 :picnics:

Type: White
Vintage: 2020
Size: 1L
ABV: 12%
Grape: 100% Weissburgunder
Region: Pfalz, Germany
Vinification: Certified organic since 2017, practicing before that. In the vineyards, they will only spray low amounts of copper and sulfur. They are also practicing biodynamics and use assorted soaps, oils, herbs and teas on the vines. Hand harvest. Gentle pressing, native yeast fermentation. No fining and no filtration in most vintages. If filtration is needed, then it is very light and no animal products are used, so all wines are vegan. Sulfur also depends on vintage, but usually 40-60mg/l total.

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