Cantina Furlani

Vermouth Bianco


Beautiful floral and bittersweet vermouth infused with alpine herbs. Matteo is making the base wine from a blend of his own Cantina Furlani wines before infusing it. Try it in a cocktail or drink it on its own or with a splash of soda and lemon.

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Type: Vermouth, White
Vintage: NV
Size: 750ml
ABV: 17%
Region: Trento, Alto Adige, Italy
Vinification: Practicing organic with biodynamic preparations as well. Chemicals have never been a part of what Matteo's predecessors used to tend the vines. Hand harvested. All base wines are spontaneously fermented. Blend of wine from Cantina Furlani infused with sweet and bitter orange, wormwood, sow thistle, rhubarb, chamomile, mint, and other alpine herbs.

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