Cloudburst Brewing

Grainyard Graveyard IPA


You know when that one wildcard friend goes up to a soda fountain in a taco bell and puts a splash of everything in their 24oz cup? We call that a “graveyard”. And we kinda did that with our malt bill on this beer. Like, we added 2 row, and Pils malt, and white wheat, and red wheat, and naked oats, and flaked barley, and flaked rye and carafoam and And ANDDDDDD maybe we got carried away. But it was fun at the time. And it tastes fun today - with layers of depth and body. To make it palatable, we hopped it with some NZ Cascade, Mosaic, & Citra to give it reliable, yummy notes of tropical fruit and citrus. So go ahead - push all the buttons!

Style: Hoppy Beers, Single IPA
Size: 16oz can
ABV: 6.6%
Location: Seattle, Washington

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