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The Coffeeest of Porters
Ahh, hello again old friend. You had a long day and a restless night, every day, forever, since we last brewed this beer. This morning, an indulgence is in order. Awaken the senses with a rich, smooth, dark and distinctive cup of brew. This robust porter, conditioned on house made cold brew with Lighthouse Roasters beans, is good to the last drop. Savor it, cherish it, sip by sip. Oh, the luxury. This is a promise, to you, in every cup. What kind of promise? I don’t know, stop asking questions in the middle of our quiet, generic coffee (beer) monologue...what the fuck. Where were we…mmm…

Style: Dark Beers, Porter
Size: 16oz can
ABV: 6.0%
Location: Seattle, Washington

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