Cloudburst Brewing

Mistakes Were Made


From the Brewer:

"When we think about lagers, in the general sense, what do we want?
We want something drinkable, sessionable if you will, with a lower abv. We want something clean, with subtle nuances and complexity, multiple layers of flavors slowly coming to light the more we sip it. And we want a snappy hop presence. And a SMOOTH mid palate. And A DRY FINISH! (Preach.) It’s gotta be CRISPY! (YES!) AND... AND GERMAN CHOCOLATE CAKE (Umm.) AND CARAMELIZED RAISINS (What.) CAMPFIRE SMOKE!!!!! (Please Stop.)
The resulting beer is all of the above - a unique, summertime lager that tastes dark but drinks light. Is it a mistake to release a smoke beer coming off one of the hottest weeks in history? Maybe..but we’re proud of it all the same! #noregrets"


Style: Dark Beers
Size: 16oz can
ABV: 5.3%
Location: Seattle, Washington

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