Cloudburst Brewing

Once Upon A Party IPA


There once was a time, not long ago, in what feels like a far away place, where people would gather and unwind and celebrate and often partake and occasionally get schmammered and infrequently divulge in TOO much fun, which could lead to a GREAT NIGHT followed by a ROUGH MORNING. Remember high fives and hugging your friends and sharing sips of the SAME beer and talking a little too close so that spit would accidentally fly into each other’s faces and you’d laugh about it aloud as opposed to thinking “YOU MOTHERFUCKER JUST GAVE ME GERMS THAT COULD FUCKING KILL ME!”...Anyways, this beer is to celebrate all the good times we had, all the ok times we still have, and all the better times we’ll have some day…hopefully, soon.

Style: Hoppy Beers
Size: 16oz can
ABV: 6.5%
Location: Seattle, Washington

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