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During the deluge of wet hops, we were made aware of a cool new hop in the experimental pipeline - ADHA 218. And we were like - WOAH! COOL! CAN WE HAZ?! WAIT. NO ROOM IN TANKS. BUT PLEASE GIVE. - because that’s how our minds compute new variables during the chaos of harvest. BUT, we were hella curious and lined up a box from Roy Farms to save for later. Well guess what?! LATER IS NOW. And this hop is pretty crazy!! There’s so much tropical fruit that it’s reminiscent of drinking a fruity cocktail on a sunny beach. Which we all need. LIKE RIGHT NOW. But we can’t. So we won’t. But this beer will suffice in the interim.

Style: Hoppy Beers
Size: 16oz can
ABV: 6.0%
Location: Seattle, Washington

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