Cloudburst Brewing

Unlimited Breadsticks


MAMA MIA! We made an Italian Pilsner! What makes it Italian?! Well, we used German malts (Weyermann Pils), German Lager yeast (thanks Chuckanut!), and German hops (some Tettnang, but mostly Saphir)....AND THEN WE DRY HOPPED IT! SEI FUORI! Yeah, that’s pretty much what this style is...which to us, is about as Italian as Olive Garden. VUOI LIMONARE? But a couple Italian breweries have been doing this for a couple decades, so CHE STORIA! Now it’s a hot ticket style and delicious and refreshing and nutritious! ADESSO PEDALA! BON JOURNO! CHE PALLE!

Style: Lagers
Size: 16oz can
ABV: 5.5%
Location: Seattle, Washington

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