Domaine Patrice Colin

Perles Rouges NV


Made in the methode ancestral, or "pet-nat" - think of this as the French version of a high-quality Lambrusco. Fresh and fun, with aromas ranging from earthy forest floor to dried flowers to bright cranberry and strawberry. This wine is pure bottled delight - a vibrant-red scrumptious bubble!

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Type: Sparkling
Vintage: NV
Size: 750 mL
Grape: Gamay
Region: Loire Valley, France
Vinification: 8th generation vigneron Patrice Colin makes a delightful range of wines from his old vine, organic vineyards in the northernmost reaches of the Loire Valley in the Coteaux du Vendomois along the Loire River. He came back home after having made wine in Greece, Germany and Anjou. He takes care of all operations from vineyard work to vinification and bottling; his wife Valérie oversees accounting, and their son-in-law Florian is in charge of sales and shipping. The family is helped by only one full time employee and some seasonal ones. Certified organic since 1988(!),Patrice encourages biodiversity and is proud to count over 150 different plant species in his vineyard. He works with very old vines and uses massal selection. His vines grow smaller bunches and berries than the same varieties found elsewhere. Patrice tills the soil for oxygenation and practices green harvest. He considers his winemaking to be consistent with the philosophy of the “Vin Naturel”.

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