Due Terre

Rose di Frappato 2020


From the importer Strade Bianche : Frappato is one on the many extraordinary indigenous grapes from the island of Sicily. It thrives in the sandy soils of Vittoria in the southern part of the Island where it produces light, refreshing reds. Though most commonly blended with Nero d’Avola,
alone it is a red worthy of a variety of foods from fish to spiced North African fare. Due Terre usse Frappato for their rosato because they love it’s vibrancy, bright red fruit character, and gorgeous color.

We love it with:

Type: Rose
Vintage: 2020
Size: 750 mL
Grape: Frappato
Region: Sicilia, Italy
Vinification: From the producer : Due Terre Wines is a collaborative effort between friends and we are happy to present our first line of wines made from the indigenous grapes of Italy – delicious, economical, well packaged, and certified organic. All the wines are produced as 100% pure varietals with minimal intervention and wine making in order to allow the characteristics of the grape to shine through. There could not have been a better place than Sicily to produce these first wines for our project – the island has the largest number of organic vineyards in Italy and produces more grapes of quality than have a home in IGT and DOC bottlings and is often sold off as bulk wine to the north. We cannot bear to think of these delicious native grapes disappearing into another anonymous bottle and are very happy to give them a home at Due Terre Wines. We produce our wine in the Northwest of Sicily in a town called Alcamo, less than one hour west of Palermo. One of the best wine growing areas in Italy; there are a myriad of soil types and exposures, higher elevations, a near constant breeze, and plenty of sunshine. Wine has been made on Sicily since 8000BC and to this day the island produces 10% of all of Italy’s wine production – unfortunately much of it is never labeled as Sicilian wine.

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