Raw White 2021


From the producer : Pét Nat is a sparkling wine produced with only one fermentation. The must is bottled while it is still fermenting (we think it is a really cool idea to use flip-top bottles, which are usually only used for beer). The must complete the fermentation process in the bottle, thereby developing a natural effervescence. Every bottle of Raw White retains its yeast (which gives more flavour) and no sulphur is added – there is no need for it. It tastes moreish, fruity, and brings great atmosphere and fun to the table. Pretty much like a nice cold beer at a barbecue, but in the form of wine. The bottle can be closed again, but our advice is to simply finish it.

We love it with:

Type: Sparkling, Pet Nat
Vintage: 2021
Size: 500 mL
Grape: Gruner Veltliner
Region: Wagram, Austria
Vinification: From the producer : The Eschenhof Holzer winery is located in Großriedenthal, in the Wagram wine region. Here the innovative wine maker, Arnold Holzer, draws on the unique bounty of nature, with a great deal of creativity, a distinctive style and a sense for delicious creations. The name „Eschenhof“ comes from the oak trees that stand in front of the farmyard and the old cellar on the winery street. This is where the red wine is stored.

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