Fossil & Fawn

Piquette 2021


Jenny and Jim affectionately refer to Piquette as the 'hot dog' of wine the world. An oddity that's very popular, perfect for summer, and makes use of all those things you weren't sure how to use fully (so pomace in the case of piquette). F&F's piquette is created by rehydrating and re-fermenting the pomace (skins, stems, seeds) of their already-pressed grapes from 'Do Nothing' and a few other mystery wines. Bottled before the completion of fermentation for a fun, dry, low-abv fizz. Flavor-wise think 'Oops! All Berries' cereal, Kriek sour ale, melted red otter pops, smarties and green peppercorns.

We love it with… 🌭🌭🌭

Type: Sparkling, Piquette
Vintage: 2021
Size: 750 mL
ABV: 7.0%
Grape: About 70% Pinot Noir with Chardonnay, Riesling, Gewurztraminer skins as well
Region: Willamette Valley, Oregon
Vinification: (see above). All fruit is farmed organically. The majority of the grapes for this wine came from their estate vineyard that is dry-farmed and mostly own-rooted as well.

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