Gaia Felix

Publius Pet Nat 2018


We can't get enough of this orange pet nat. Made from Asprinio, which is naturally high in acidity, this amber colored bubbly is smells like lemons, clover honey, and nectarines. Nectarine, lemon, almond biscotti and herbs are the main tasting notes, with a zippy citrus acidity. Fun fact... the lable depicts how the vines are trained-- using the ancient alberate system-- running up, between and around trees as supports!

We love it with… 🥗🐟🍤

Type: Sparkling, Pet Nat
Vintage: 2018
Size: 750 mL
ABV: 12%
Grape: Asprinio
Region: Asprinio di Aversa, Campania, Italy
Vinification: 3 hectares of native grapes only; farmed using biodynamic, organic and low intervention methods. The Asprinio vines are trained with the ancient alberate system; running up, between and wrapped around trees as the supports. Vines are in volcanic tuff soil. Spontaneous fermentation with wild yeasts in stainless steel, followed by a second fermentation [pétillant natural or metodo ancestrale] in the bottle, bottled aged for 6 months. No SO2.

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