Terra Roza 2020

Terra Roza is third-generation wine-grower Manolis' ode to the traditional rosé made on the volcanic island of Lemnos. Here, they make rosé from the island’s main grape, the white Muscat of Alexandria, with just a splash of Limnio, the oldest referenced grape in the world, which has been grown on the island for thousands of years. This is a crossover between a skin contact wine and a rosé with spicy fruit notes and lively tannins. Perfect for pairing with Mediterranean feasts!

We love it with… 🥙🍆🫓

Type: Rosé, Skin Contact
Vintage: 2020
Size: 750ml
ABV: 13.5%
Grape: 90% Muscat of Alexandria, 10% Limnio
Region: Lemnos, Greece
Vinification: Certified organic farming. Hand harvested. Six days of skin contact on the Muscat of Alexandria in stainless steel, at a mildly controlled temperature. Wild fermented and blended with a splash of Limnio wine (also native ferment). Aged 2.5 months in stainless steel, no filtering, fining, or clarification. Minimal SO2 at bottling (30mg/L total).

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