Joao Pato (Duckman)

Ducking Pet Nat 2020


Is this wine or is it a Piña Colada?? Tropical fruit (with big time Mango vibes) explode from the glass and greet you with a hug. Dry and briney and refreshing with citrusy zip, yes, it's a wine, but it FEELS like a Piña Colada. From Duckman, one of our favorite new producers who specialize in super fun crazily unique wines. 100% Sercialinho a mega-rare indigenous Portuguese grape. Bring this to a picnic or an outside dinner party and watch it disappear in 20 minutes. Yum factor through the roof, fun factor maxed out.

We love it with…

Type: Sparkling
Vintage: 2020
Size: 750 mL
ABV: 12.4%
Grape: 100% Sercialinho
Region: Bairrada, Portugal
Vinification: From 15 year old vines planted to .6ha of sandy soils in a vineyard called Amoreira da Gândara. The grapes are harvested in early September. Directly pressed and allowed to spontaneously ferment in stainless steel for four weeks with temperature control using ambient yeast, which is completed in bottle. The wine spends the entire time on lees without stirring. Aged for six months and bottled in October, released February 2021. Unfined and unfiltered.

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