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Revisit a Hoppy Pale Ale is clocking in at 4.8% ABV and 35 IBUs. Consisting of Oregon Grown Pale, Soft White Wheat, and Vienna malts from Great Western Malting in Vancouver. We employed a multi-step mash regime and increased chloride water profile to bring up the mouthfeel. The appearance is on the lighter (modern) side for traditional pale ales with a pleasing hop haze clarity. As for the hops we employed Roy Farms Centennial along with Yakima Chief Hops Simcoe Cryo and Simcoe T90 for both late kettle additions and day one fermentation dry hop. We finished it all off with an assertive traditional dry hop of Roy Farms Strata & Azacca highlighting sweet fruits and notes of ripe berries. Applying some of what we learned from our collaboration with Trap Door Brewing (Subtle Removal of Matter), we utilized an exogenous enzyme, B-Glucosidase, to increase the concentration of flavor intense monoterpene alcohols.

Style: Hoppy Beers
Size: 16oz can
ABV: 4.8%
Location: Hood River, Oregon

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