Kortavebis Marani

Rkatsiteli Ramato 2019


While this wine is labeled a rosé, it's actually a ramato orange wine from the Rkatsiteli grape! Longer skin contact gives this wine a deeper color. Strawberry jam, apricot and and nutty notes. A balanced medium body orange/rosé wine that is both refreshing and delicious!

We love it with… :soft cheeses:🥔🌭

Type: Skin Contact
Vintage: 2019
Size: 750ml
Grape: Rkatsiteli
Region: Kakheti, Georgia
Vinification: Purchased fruit from vineyards using no chemicals while she waits for her vines to grow. Native yeast fermentation and aging in traditional buried Georgian qvevri (egg-shaped clay pots). Since the fruit finished fermentation on the skins, this gives the wine a deep color. No fining or filtration with minimal to no added sulfur.

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