Les Deplaude De Tartaras

Regards Croisés 2020


Certified organic, hand harvested. Fermented and raised in 2 "Cuves Diamant" (cement egg laying on it's side) sur lie for about 10 months. No clarification, no filtration, minimal SO2.

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Type: White
Vintage: 2020
Size: 750 mL
Grape: Ravat Blanc, Roussanne, Clairette
Region: Collines Rhodaniennes, Northern Rhone, France
Vinification: Pierre-Andre and Anne Deplaude didn't set out to be vignerons. They were dairy farmers who made a little wine in addition to growing grains and fruit. When dairy prices plummeted in the 2000s, they were forced to rethink things and decided to plant some of their most interesting land to vines. A new-to-us white from them, this wine is actually a blend of two other whites they make, giving a wine that's complex, creamy, full bodied yet tart as well - the perfect introduction to their classic yet natty style. In fact, our first introduction to their wines was a white (Poussieres d'Etoile) and the elegance and restraint they achieve in them is what drew us to them! Try pairing with things like roasted fish w/mango + peach salsa, grilled corn w/feta, or chicken cordon bleu.

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