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Limited Addition 'Of Service' Rosé-Orange Piquette 2021


Think wine-lite, this totally still piquette actually reminds us our favorite sour orange wines. Tart tangerine, a hint of gin and tonic, and a bit fruit punchy, this piquette is refreshing, simple, and quaffable.

We love it with… 🍤🌭🌽

Type: Piquette, Skin Contact
Vintage: 2021
Size: 750 mL
ABV: 7.8%
Grape: Skins from their orange wine blend and also skins from pinot gris. Guessing about 80% Pinot Gris with 20% Muscat + Riesling
Region: Willamette Valley, Oregon
Vinification: This orange-rose piquette is made from the skins of pinot gris, muscat, and riesling with the addition of Coast Range spring water. From Bree + Chad: "The wine is still and not sparkling because we have not added the optional addition of sugar to fermentation, preferring to make low calorie dry wine. It is important to consider Piquette as a beverage unto itself the process of its production and the varied yeasts in production blur the flavor categories between sour beer, orange wine, kombucha and cocktails, think gin & tonic, fruit-punch and herb-based cocktails or even use as a mixer in a modern-day whiskey sour."

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