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Romeo Red 2019


This unpretentious easy drinker is meant more for the back porch than for a wine cellar. We know this blend is unusual, but trust Julia – she makes it work to form a cohesive wine. The result is bright and fresh yet structured and balanced with fruit and verve. It is inspired by the Loire Valley’s Bistro Wines where they blend Cab Franc with other varietals and then shipped those blends up the river to the bistros of Paris. Bright, primary, and fun, this Vin de Soif has the energy of a puppy. (Just like Julia's puppy, Romeo!)

We love it with… 🍔🍗🍕

Type: Red
Vintage: 2019
Size: 750ml
Grape: A coferment of Cab Franc from two sites, Pinot Noir from the Ribbon Ridge AVA, and a touch of Riesling
Region: Oregon, Washington
Vinification: Cofermented, native yeast, unfiltered.

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