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Monthly on the First Friday of the month. 

- starts on the first Friday. Ask members to confirm either delivery or pickup by the Wednesday before release. Delivery would happen the first Friday. Pick up anytime during the next month, with all unclaimed wines broken down before the next release.

2 bottle - $55


2 bottle - $75

More limited/special/exclusive

4 bottle - $125

All 4 offerings (cost $74)

Add-ons (seasonal):

Pet Nat Pals (2 bottles sparkling, seasonal summer?)

Farmhouse Reds (2 bottles red, seasonal winter)

Orange (2 bottles, fall or spring?)

Cocktail Club (2 items that work for your bar, winter, plus a cocktail idea?)

Member Benefits:

Notes are up online

First offer to limited wines we’re excited about

Case discount - 10% off

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