Reuben's Brews

BBIS (2021 Edition)


The majority of the barrels in this year’s blend have been aging for 18mo in 10- to 12-year bourbon barrels, and the addition of some two year-aged BBIS into the blend adds layers of complexity. BBIS is brewed using the same oat-forward and British specialty malt recipe that hails back from the original version brewed in 2013, we introduced some new techniques to make the beer bigger, richer and silkier. Tasting notes: Warming aromas of cocoa, milk chocolate and bourbon. The sip offers a silky mouthfeel, with vanilla and rich milk chocolate mid palate. Background notes of smoke, licorice and coffee are wrapped up with some cherry liquor at the finish.

Style: Dark Beers
Size: 22oz bottle
ABV: 14.0%
Location: Seattle, Washington

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