Scar of the Sea

Coferment Cider with Lime Leaves 2019 (375ml)


OH MY GOSH, BUY IT NOW. We mean it. This is Mikey's second iteration of this lime leaf infused cider, this time done with Gruner Veltliner grapes, and we still can't get enough. Tastes like white tea, limeade, and a summery shot of green apple juice. Definitely one of the more interesting things you can drink this year.

We love it with… 🥒🥑🥦

Type: Cider
Vintage: 2019
Size: 375ml
Grape: Newtown Pippin apples, Gruner Veltliner grapes, fresh lime leaves
Region: California
Vinification: This cider comes from Newtown Pippin apples grown at Bear Valley Ranch. The cider is barrel fermented with native yeast and no additions. It is aged for 12 months and then refermented with Gruner Veltiner grapes from the Olivers Vineyard in the Edna Valley. Right before bottling, they added fresh lime leaves from some extra aromatics. All the bubbles are a result of added fermenting apple juice from the 2020 press.

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