Moli is an imaginary plant, belonging to the divine kingdom, which appears in Homer's Odyssey, where it plays a fundamental role in saving Ulysses thanks to the magical properties with which it's endowed. In fact, some writings associate the herb Moli with the Scilla Marina, represented on the label, as a tribute to the Circeo National Park, a wonderful territory located a few kilometers from the Amaseno Valley in Lazio, one of the historical landmark of Ulysses' mythology! Beautiful salty and floral orange wine that's persistant and savory-- as with many of Sete's orange wines, it should not be judged by the bottle it's in-- this is one powerful wine.

We love it with… 🦐🌶🥡

Type: Skin Contact
Size: 750ml
Grape: 100% Moscato Bianco from 40 year old vines
Region: Lazio, Italy
Vinification: About 7 days of skin contact, aged in chestnut barrels for 11 months. No chemicals in the vineyards, no added sulfites, unfined, and unfiltered.

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