Upright Brewing

Kopstootje (2020)


Kopstootje is a beer that began in 2011 as a collaboration project with spirit enthusiast and professional Jacob Grier. He approached us with the idea of producing a beer formulated to pair with the Dutch national spirit, genever. We put together a recipe starting with a bière de garde base but incorporating many grains and spices commonly found in genever, including allspice, aniseed, angelica root, juniper berries, cloves, bitter orange, and ginger. This vintage is aged two years in vermouth barrels, lending floral aromas while oak and notes of rosè and strawberry show on the palate.One of our most unique releases, the Kopstootje is both complex and fun. Try it with genever for a complete experience!

Style: Sours & Saisons
Size: 375ml bottle
ABV: 7%
Location: Portland, Oregon

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