WeldWerks Brewing Co

PBJ&Fluff Sour


Sour Wheat Ale brewed with Peanut Flour, Marshmallow, Milk Sugar and nearly 1000lbs of Raspberry + Strawberry Puree. Exactly what it sounds like: one of your grade-school lunch favorites combined with a Sour Wheat Ale base. We took your favorite PB&J Berliner with peanut flour, nearly 1000lbs of raspberry and strawberry puree ), milk sugar, and this time added Marshmallow fluff. This kettle soured wheat ale brings two different worlds together and makes 'em the best of friends, just like you and your 4th grade locker buddy.

Style: Sours & Saisons
Size: 16oz can
ABV: 4.5%
Location: Greeley, Colorado

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