Wild Arc Farm

Traminette 'Piquette!' 2020


This was one of Wild Arc's first varietal piquettes -- and one of the first we ever tried! They keep making it every year, and we keep drinking it every year, because we love its elderflower lemonade and lychee notes.

We love it with… 🍣🥟🌶

Type: Sparkling, Piquette
Vintage: 2020
Size: 750 mL
ABV: 7%
Grape: 100% Traminette
Region: Finger Lakes, New York
Vinification: Sustainable farmed on Folts Farm in the Finger Lakes region. They take the pomace from their winemaking, soak it in water for 48 weeks, and then press it again. This second pressing then ferments naturally. They add back some of the original wine and referment in bottle with an addition of honey to add the bubbles.

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