Wildman Wines

Astro Bunny 2019


Tim Wildman, a British born master of wine, had a plan. Go on a month long vacation in Australia and make fun and drinkable pet nat. Affectionately named Astro Bunny after a piece of street art, his longest running bubbly is loaded with watermelon juiciness and citrusy acid.

We love it with… 🥡🍕🍔

Type: Sparkling, Pet Nat
Vintage: 2019
Size: 750ml
Grape: 50% Fiano, 25% Zibbibo, 25% Nero d'Avola
Region: McLaren Vale, Australia
Vinification: The Zibbibo sees 24 hours skin contact to add tropical aromas, then is pressed and all the juice is cofermented. Fermentation occurred without any additions and the tanks were progressively chilled slowing fermentation and promoting tartrate stabilization. (This is often a flaw of pét-nats as they can 'gush' and need to be hand disgorged due to the tartrates being unstable. Tim would rather 'fix' it with chilling prior to bottling than 'fix' it afterwards with disgorging.)

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