Domaine Jean-Francois Debourg

Rose d'Eon 2020


Chevalière d'Éon, was a French diplomat, spy, and soldier. D'Éon fought in the Seven Years' War, and spied for France while in Russia and England. D'Éon had androgynous physical characteristics and natural abilities as a mimic and a spy. D'Éon appeared publicly as a man and pursued masculine occupations for 49 years, although during that time d'Éon successfully infiltrated the court of Empress Elizabeth of Russia by presenting as a woman. Starting in 1777, d'Éon lived as a woman. Rosé d’Eon is a juicy, dry cranberry-cocktail scented gamay - is it a heavy rose or a light red? Either way, it's a delicious.

We love it with:

Type: Rose
Vintage: 2020
Size: 750 mL
Grape: Gamay
Region: Beaujolais, France
Vinification: From the producer : From a family estate located in the Pierres Dorées region in the south of the Beaujolais. It is made up of different terroirs (clay-limestone, silt, granite, alluvium, pink sand) which allow me to produce wines with the specific characteristics of each plot of land. My estate is made up of several grape varieties: Gamay, Viognier and soon Chardonnay. I work hard to obtain grapes of the best possible quality while respecting the vines, the soil and the auxiliary fauna. I offer natural wines made from carefully selected and harvested grapes, delicately vinified and patiently aged with respect for the environment.

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