Extra Brut Metodo Classico 2018 2018


Traditional method. The clusters are selected in the vineyard and collected in bins by hand. The press is done without destemming and with soft crushing to mainain the original rich aromas and taste. The tirage is made in June and the wine is than left fermenting again for at least 5 years in the bottle. Bright + beautiful, with an aromatic and creme-fraiche-drizzled approach - this is elegant garganega, with a refreshingly crisp finish. Lovely.

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Type: Sparkling
Vintage: 2018
Size: 750 mL
Grape: Garganega
Region: Soave, Italy
Vinification: From the importer : The Tamellini family goes back four generations strong in these hills. Four generations of proud farmers. And the family went with the system over those generations- selling to the co-ops. But when the brothers took over they watched what was happening to their fruit. They watched how their wines were marketed and sold. They watched as even Garganega started to become manufactured and they watched a complete loss and degradation of all that they held dear. They had enough and the brothers pulled their fruit from the co-op system in 1998. They created their own domaine, and they started growing and making Soave in the old school way. This move was about self respect and pride in their work and love for their home. They are contadinos first. The old way starts with the farming. The brothers say that for the most part"we just cut the grass". Their farming is organic (practicing) with a specific focus on soil micro-biology- they were deeply moved by the teachings of Dr. Teruo Higa who has worked on agriculture re-development, via soil micro-organism development, in areas destroyed by industrialization. 'Farm the soil, don't destroy it', the brothers believe. And grow the original grapes. They have worked to re-populate their holdings with the original old clones of Garganega and some Trebbiano di Soave. Like most farmers, they don't focus on marketing, they focus on product. Make great wine and the rest will take care of itself. And so they only make three wines with most of their production going into their normale DOC Soave bottling. They also produce a cru bottling, Le Bine de Costiola, from higher altitude, old vines. And they make a very long, lees aged bottling into bubbles via metodo classico called Millesimato. The current release is 2018. The execution at Tamellini is low, slow, and cold...very cold. Gaetano and Pio are farmers. They have just worked all year trying to grow beautiful fruit. Their cellar work philosophy is almost like careful canning- it's about excellent preservation. So, the fruit is hand harvested and then carefully wholecluster pressed (they are fanatics about damage and oxygenation). The ferments are native in stainless at very cold temperatures. And then elevage is done at very cold temperatures.

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